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We are an entirely different breed of promotional product distributor. Finding a company to slap a logo on an item and call it a promo is easy. Finding a company online to do so at a discount also isn't challenging. We're different and our client base demands more than that.

We are a promotional marketing agency offering superior quality products branded with expert precision. We do what we say we're going to do, trust our clients to do the same, then we execute and deliver - on time and to your complete satisfaction. That's what we're about and our dedicated team of well-trained, passionate professionals help us achieve our mission every day. We are pleased to introduce you to each of them and we invite you to connect with us below if we can be of service.

Our Team

Derek Haskins President & Chief Branding Officer, Derek Haskins ELITE PROMO INC
Derek R. Haskins
President & Chief Branding Officer

As company President Derek is tasked with general oversight and management of day to day operations within the San Mateo sales office, including working closely with our sales, graphic design and customer service departments. Derek oversees all marketing efforts, and directly manages our Mexico based team members who are tasked primarily with web development, website product management and various online marketing functions.

Derek personally selects many of the company's core products and product lines, and handles vendor relations almost exclusively on behalf of the company. He is known to have a keen eye for quality, both in terms of a products look and feel and also the various embellishment methods we apply to them.

One of his most important responsibilities includes collaborating with our domestic and overseas suppliers to help ensure our standards of excellence are met, if not exceeded, throughout the supply chain.

Derek continues to manage a fair volume of projects for a select group of early clients, and when necessary, assists the sales team with inbound RFQ's/RFI's. Derek leads the advanced artwork review and assessment process for complex or otherwise intricate client designs that require close and careful review or modification, and he oversees design functions in general.

Since the company's inception in 2009, Derek has honed or developed considerable skills in sales/sales process, project management, business risk management and mitigation, graphic design, web design and also marketing; both new age and traditional. Almost entirely thru firsthand trial and error during the first several years in business, Derek developed many of the company's order processing and production processes, safeguards as well as various checks and balances - many of which have helped the company achieve an unmatched industry record for on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Such measures and processes have also helped the company to minimize claims related to order entry or production errors.This gives the company a significant competitive edge and ultimately saves each of our customers' time and money.

Derek is currently working to develop and improve various professional skill sets including sales management, advanced graphic design, staff oversight, management & motivation, and general accounting principles.

Derek was born in Burlingame, California and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Derek attended Burlingame High School and went onto briefly study business and Construction Management at California State University, Chico. Prior to co-founding the company Derek worked as an Account Manager for PDM Steel Service Centers in Santa Clara, California. As a teenager and into his early adult life he worked for a business owned by his Father Richard, Buzz Haskins Equipment Co., Inc., a South San Francisco based mid-sized earth moving contractor. There he learned a number of core competencies related to business and project management - many of which are either referenced or applied directly on a daily basis in present time.

Derek's interests are spending time with his family, business, cooking, travel and fitness. In his spare time he likes to play basketball, read a variety of business-related subject matter, exercise and play golf.

Justin McGovern, Lead Project Manager & Co-Founder, Justin McGovern San Mateo
Justin McGovern
Lead Project Manager & Co-Founder

Justin McGovern co-founded the company in early 2009 after having worked with at PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc. - a subsidiary of publicly traded Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (RS) - as a Technical Account Manager, having worked as a liaison of sorts between domestic and overseas steel mills and end-user clients including steel fabricators, erectors and general contractors. In his second year at PDM Justin was recognized for having sold the most non-ferrous structural steel by tonnage pro rata than any other Sales Representative in company history. The Justin J. McGovern Award for Excellence was named after him and has been bestowed upon a mere two other sales representatives since he departed the company in 2008.

In his current role, Justin works closely with key existing accounts and collaborates with our Sales and Marketing team to ensure all new accounts are properly and efficiently routed and assigned. He works closely with our Account Executives ensuring all customers receive a high level of client service and that nothing comes off of the production line that is anything other than first rate. Justin excels as a Project Manager in large part due to his friendly and genuine demeanor, thoughtful disposition and no-nonsense approach to resolving customer service and internal production or quality control issues when and if they arise.

Justin provides valuable insight and feedback as it relates to certain business decisions and regularly provides advice and insight taking into account his considerable experience working for various technology companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been instrumental in helping to develop our sales team, and consults closely regarding strategy, particularly as it relates to company growth and expansion into new product categories and markets.

Justin has held a number of Sales and Account Management roles at well-known companies and startups throughout Silicon Valley including Riverbed Technology, Inc. (RVBD), Palo Alto Networks (PANW) and DataStax, Inc.

Justin was born in San Francisco, California and grew up in South San Francisco. He attended Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, having graduated from Burlingame High School. He went on to attend college in San Diego, California where his studies included Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing. Justin resides in San Mateo with his wife Nicole, a Certified Public Accountant, his two young daughters and their rascal of a dog Posey.

Outside of work Justin is interested in home improvement, health and fitness and sports including baseball, basketball and Golf.

Amy Li
Amy Li
Office & Accounting Manager

Amy Li joined our team in January 2017 as our Office & Accounting Manager. Amy was born in Xi'an, China where she lived during her formative years. Xi'an is one of the oldest cities in China and is famous as the home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

After attending High School in Xi'an Amy moved with her family to the United States, where she studied marketing at San Francisco State University. While she missed home and the amazing food in Xi'an she quickly adapted to life in the United States and excelled in her studies, having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.

Prior to coming to work at EPI Amy worked for Struxtur, Inc. where she was mostly in charge of Accounting and Bookkeeping in a role similar to her work at EPI. Amy is an extremely efficient and detail oriented Accounting Professional and takes tremendous pride in her work. Her responsibilities within the company include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, managing payments, client invoicing and general office administration. She is the friendly voice who answers the phone as well!

Amy enjoys working at EPI because she enjoys the friendly almost family-like environment within our office. She is constantly observing and suggesting ways to improve office operations and client service and has quickly become a key team member.

Outside of work Amy enjoys hiking, traveling and watching movies. She also enjoys playing League of Legends.

Gina Thornton
Gina Thornton
Project Manager Extraordinaire

Gina Thornton joined the company in November 2015 as a Customer Service Representative and Sales Assistant. Gina came to us with ten years of experience in the promotional product industry, having worked for a mid-sized promotional product distributor in Maryland for as many years. She has considerable experience not only with the traditional distributor model, but also with managing company stores and fulfillment programs.

In early 2019, Gina was promoted to Account Executive as a direct result of her dedication to the Company and its valued clients. Gina now handles a number of key accounts and continues to excel with project management due to her ability to multi-task, to listen to customer needs.

One of the things she enjoys most about working at EPI is the relaxed boutique style work environment, and the truly unique level of synergy among the office staff. What she enjoys most about her work itself is being able to be a part of something that is going to make someone feel good, whether the item in question is a high-end custom logo jacket given to employees in recognition of an achievement or a more basic trade-show give away, the fact is, when people receive a promotional item it usually elicits a positive response. This is what makes Gina tick, professionally speaking.

Gina is a proud Mother of two girls, and mostly enjoys spending time with her kids, friends and family in her spare time. When she is not making her clientssmile by helping to produce some of the most amazing and eye-catching promotional gifts & incentives or spending time with her beloved children, she enjoys shopping, taking road trips and furniture restoration.

OFFICE HOURS (Pacific Standard Time):

Monday: 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM

Tuesday: 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM

Wednesday: 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM

Thursday: 7:30 AM until 4:00 PM

Friday: 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM

Carlos Batista
Carlos Batista
Project Manager  

Carlos Batista joined EPI with 10 years of account management experience and a great deal of knowledge in project administration and customer service. Carlos dedicates himself to providing the best experience for clients and building long-term business relationships.

Many of his core values and work ethic stem from his career in the military, a life-long dream of his. Immediately after graduating from Burlingame High School, Carlos enlisted in the military as an infantry rifleman in the United States Marine Corps from December 2003 to December 2007. He served two tours in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his military commitment ended, he was honorably discharged and moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carlos truly enjoys working as team and being able to oversee a variety of projects from start to finish, including assisting clients with tailored proposals; thru to design conceptualization and eventually onto successful and timely delivery.

Outside of the office, Carlos especially enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Having them join him on outdoor adventures, like camping and snowboarding truly puts a smile on his face. He also enjoys playing basketball, mountain biking and attending sporting events.

Karla Nevarez
Karla Nevarez
Website Product Manager

Karla Nevarez works for the company as a Website Product Manager. Based in our Mazatlan, Mexico office, her work involves adding, updating and managing products on the company website on a full-time basis. Karla is also in charge of the company's online paid search campaigns, and has become well-versed in Google Adwords and also Search Engine Optimization in general.

Karla has been instrumental in helping create a better website with an unmatched product selection. This has directly benefitted not only the company but most importantly our valued customers. She's a true whiz when it comes to adding products not only quickly but together with great attention to detail to help ensure all published information and imagery is accurate. Karla is a good problem solver, which has been evident in her ability to find various solutions that allow her to work more efficiently without compromising the quality of her work.

Prior to joining our team Karla worked for a company in Mexico which specialized in billing and invoicing for a variety of industries. Her role there was training individuals to learn the software. She was born in Ensenada, Mexico and grew up in Mazatlan, Mexico where she currently resides with her family. Karla attended high school in Mazatlan, and went on to attend college at ITESUS University, where she studied criminalistics.

Karla takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work, and mostly enjoys being a part of a small professional team where her work truly makes a difference. Her work at the company has been rewarding in that it has allowed her to learn a number of new skills, while improving her English which is an ongoing professional development goal for her.

In her spare time Karla mostly enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys playing video games and reading.

Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez
Website Product Manager

Roberto Lopez joined the team in 2014 as a Website Product Manager. Roberto is based in our Mazatlan, Mexico office and is tasked primarily with adding, updating and managing products on the company website. With Roberto's professional assistance, we have been able to grow the company website from approximately two-thousand products to nearly seven-thousand, and Roberto works diligently on a daily full-time basis to continue to help develop our website into a world-class business-to-business e-commerce platform, where clients can conveniently view accurate product information, high quality imagery from various angles in multiple colors, and technical specifications as well as imprint methods and locations.

Roberto was born in Mazatlan, Mexico and grew up in both Mazatlan and Hermosillo, Mexico. He attended high school at Instituto Cultural de Occidente and attended college at Universidad de Guadalajara Virtual. Prior to beginning his career with ELITE, Roberto worked for a local entertainment facility where he was in charge of accounting related functions and general administrative oversight.

Roberto enjoys his work at ELITE mostly because it has allowed him to learn new skills, improve upon skills learned previously and because his work helps contribute to the success of not only a small business but to the success of his fellow colleagues.

In his spare time Roberto enjoys fitness including gym training and cycling, and also enjoys playing video games.

Assistant Project Manager  

ELITE PROMO INC (EPI™), one of the fastest growing Promotional Product Distributors in the United States two years in a row according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, is seeking a full-time Sales Assistant/Customer Service Representative. We are an industry-leader specializing in Branded Luxury™. Our new Sales Assistant will work closely with our talented sales department to pave the way for continued growth within our niche.

The right candidate will betasked with:

  • Assist Account Executives with various project management related tasks
  • Triage and assign new inbound sales leads – phone/email/chat
  • Order entry and quote preparation at the direction of and in partnership with an Account Executive
  • Engaging with clients and potential clients via live chat, email and by telephone


  • Associate degree or similar qualifications/experience
  • Experience/work history related to project management and/or sales/customer service
  • Experience within the advertising specialties/promotional/print industry preferred


  • Detail oriented
  • Punctual
  • Organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to logically problem solve
  • MS Office
  • QuickBooks
  • Knowledge of current retail brands and products
  • Some, even limited knowledge of business to business sales, supply chains etc.
  • Experience with custom branded merchandise, printing, embroidery or engraving a tremendous plus
Marketing Manager  

ELITE PROMO INC (EPI™), one of the fastest growing Promotional Product Distributors in the United States two years in a row according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, is seeking a full-time Marketing Manager. We are an industry-leader specializing in Branded Luxury™. Our new Marketing Manager will work hand in hand with Management to pave the way for continued growth within our niche.

The right candidate will be fulfilled professionally, creatively and otherwiseconsidering they will be tasked with oversight, management and implementation of the following:

  • Digital marketing efforts (online advertising, SEM etc.)
  • Social media management &marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Print & outdoor advertising (billboards, transportation advertising)
  • Graphic design for print & digital media
  • Email marketing
  • On page/Off page SEO
  • Photography
  • Client outreach
  • Community Relations/PR


  • Bachelor’s Degree or similar qualifications/experience
  • 3+ years hands-on experience with a combination of print, digital and social media marketing
  • Knowledge and keen understanding of Social Media
  • Knowledge and keen understanding of Modern Digital Marketing
  • Knowledge and experience with graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with e-commerce platforms/functionality


  • Detail oriented/focused
  • Knowledge of modern retail brands and products
  • Trendspotting capabilities/abilities
  • Limited knowledge of business to business, supply chains etc.
  • Catchy, fresh, SEO friendly content writing
  • Knowledge surrounding custom merchandise, printing or engraving a tremendous plus


  • $65K base + discretionary bonuses starting at six month anniversary
  • OTE $80K after first twelve months of employment
  • Comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, PTO and other benefits
Outside Sales Representative  

ELITE PROMO INC (EPI) is always looking for talented individuals to join it’s growing team of Branding Experts. The company is accepting applications and resume’s from individuals who have experience in the Promotional Products Industry. We are hiring Outside Sales Representatives in the following metropolitan areas:

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sacramento Metro, California

Los Angeles, California and surrounding

New York, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, Washington

Denver, Colorado

As we look to expand our footprint as the country’s leading Purveyor of Premium Corporate Gifts & Incentives, we may be interested in hearing from qualified candidates in other geographical locations.

Please email us above to inquire or to submit your résumé. We look forward to hearing from you!

EPI Management Team


ELITE PROMO INC was founded in 2009 by Derek R. Haskins and Justin McGovern. The business started out as a professional golf event management company, initially offering event management, golf event planning and golf tournament production services to corporate and non-profit clients. By 2010, the company was involved with nearly a dozen annual golf tournaments - most of which were charity fundraisers and some of which raised as much as $250,000 annually. As the company continued to evolve, we noticed demand within our client base for branded products, and at first we sourced these products thru various promotional product distributors. We were continually disappointed with the quality, service and pricing we received and this began to negatively impact our existing client relationships. It was at this point, in early 2010 that the company began distributing promotional products mostly golf-related items like custom embroidered golf shirts, corporate logo pullovers, logo golf balls and also acrylic and crystal awards.

Today, the bulk of our businesses revenue stems from the sale and distribution of only the finest promotional items. We continue to work with a handful of non-profit clients to manage their annual golf outings, but for the most part we sell the most eye-catching custom logo apparel, branded headwear, custom logo golf gifts and promotional products in general.

We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area where we are proudly based as well as clients throughout the United States and really, anywhere on planet Earth with modern delivery methods.

our locations


411 Borel Avenue, Suite 350
San Mateo, California 94402


Río Lerma No. 232, Pisos 28, 29 y 30,
Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México,
CDMX, Mexico

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