Our agency is dedicated to delivering each and every project we produce to the approved standards and specifications. With this in mind, digital proofs are provided for nearly all orders with only a few exceptions. We will not place your order into our production schedule until all pertinent details are reviewed and approved by you, our valued Client. A proof is a digital document which shows your logo placed on the item you've chosen, or in some instances, a line drawing of the item in question.

For custom apparel and other products where custom embroidery is recommended, clients are provided with a digital embroidery proof depicting how your logo will appear when embroidered. Approximately 95% of our embroidery orders are approved with this digital PDF embroidery proof. Where a design has complexities or when we are concerned about the embroidery output quality we have additional steps which can be taken to ensure you're satisfied with the finished product. We will consult closely with you during the project estimating stage to ensure you know exactly what to expect as things progress.

In addition to digital proofs, clients have the option of requesting a speculative sample. A speculative sample is a finished sample of the item a client is interested in purchasing that is put thru a limited production run and customized with the approved design. The finished product is shipped to the customer for final in-person approval or in some instances - such as time-sensitive projects - we are able to send high resolution images for review and approval.

Speculative Samples are an additional service and range in price, depending on the item as well as the scope of the entire project. Your dedicated Branding Expert will provide an estimate for a speculative-sample upon request.

Pre-production samples are similar to speculative-samples, however with pre-production samples you would be ordering the full quantity of products you intend to purchase, and we would produce one prior to producing the remaining units on the run. Pre-production samples are recommended for time-sensitive projects when the client is certain they will be moving forward and it is only a matter of ensuring with 100% exactly what will be produced and shipped.

For additional information on production proofs, speculative samples or why we are simply the number one source for all of your premium corporate gift and marketing needs, please give us a call at 650.513.1037 and ask to be connected with one of our Branding Experts. You may also click here to send us an email.

Sending us your artwork is a cinch! You may simply email your artwork to us for review, or you may reply directly to your emailed order confirmation with your artwork as an attachment and any special instructions. Keep an eye on your inbox shortly after submitting your artwork, as you are likely to hear from one of our
Branding Experts
very soon. Please rest assured we will match your artwork up with your order, and there is less than a zero percent chance of us printing another customer's logo on your order!

We also have a convenient file upload page available on all product pages by clicking the 'SEND US YOUR ART!' tab above the product description field. Click here to visit our logo design submission portal.