ELITE PROMO INC (EPI) is dedicated to educating our valued clients and customers in all things related to promotional products. We like to think of ourselves as experts in the field and hope the information on this page will help our customers better understand how things work. We invite you to contact us with any questions about our products, processes, artwork or anything else related to promotional products, and we promise to reply with a prompt and thorough answer to any and all questions.


EPI offers expert embroidery & digitizing services on many of our promotional items. Common items which utilize this process include apparel (polo shirts, caps, jackets, pullovers, fleece, t-shirts etc.), bags and many other great Promotional Items. Digitizing is the process of artistically converting a clients logo, submitted in vector or bitmap format, and tweaking it into a DST file, which can be read by an embroidery machine, allowing us to actually stitch a clients' logo or text on a substrate, and produce a high quality finished product. Embroidery is the process of entering the file into an embroidery machine and stitching a clients' logo onto an item. Embroidery is oftentimes viewed as superior to other embellishment methods like screen-printing for a number of reasons. As a company who puts a strong emphasis on quality, one of our strengths is the quality of our embroidery and digitizing. A large percentage of our business encompasses the sale of Promotional Polo Shirts, Bags, Outerwear and other items which are best-suited for embroidery, and as a result over the course of our more than five years in business we have become experts in embroidery & digitizing. Proper digitizing is the foundation of a good quality finished product, and we utilize extremely talented designers together with some very advanced digitizing software to produce finished products that exceed industry quality standards. Moreover, we contract with only the most advanced and well-run embroidery production facilities to help ensure that our time and efforts spent in digitizing are supported with the same level of care in production. We also offer specialty Embroidery & Digitizing Applications such as 3-D Puff Embroidery and Appliques. For additional information on Embroidery & Digitizing, please click here.

SILK-SCREENING (aka 'Screen-Printing')
EPI carries a wide variety of Promotional Products that utilize the age old method of silk-screening, which is also commonly referred to as 'screen-printing'. Common items which we sell that utilize this imprint method include t-shirts, sweatshirts (pullovers, full-zips or hoodies), sport bottles, coffee mugs and many other items where other embellishment methods may be cost-prohibitive. Minimum quantity requirements vary across different items where silk-screening is offered, and typically range from a minimum quantity of 24 pieces for items like t-shirts and other apparel to 48 or 72 for many of our drinkware items. Silk-screening is one of our most cost-effective methods of embellishment, particularly in instances where we are only printing in one or two colors. With artwork that has multiple colors or has design elements like gradients or half-tones, silk-screening may be both cost-prohibitive and ineffective, as the cost of silk-screening is based on the number of imprint colors, and gradients and half-tones typically will not print well. It should be noted that most items on our website where silk-screening is offered include a 1-color imprint, and additional imprint colors are charged an additional cost. Silk-screening works best for solid color imprints....Click here to read more about silk-screening.

EPI carries a wide variety of Promotional Products can be imprinted with one of many full-color imprint methods. Items that may be suitable for full-color printing include T-shirts, Sweatshirts (Pullovers, Full-Zips or Hoodies), certain Sport Bottles, Coffee Mugs and certain other items. The most common full-color imprint methods we use are digital printing, heat transfer and dye-sublimation printing. In the past full-color digital printing has been somewhat cost-prohibitive to the point where it has not been a feasible alternative outside of projects that encompass larger quantities. Recent changes in printing technology have helped increase the efficiency of full-color printing, however it most certainly continues to have its limitations. Please contact us for additional information on Full-Color Printing on any of our thousands of Promotional Items!

EPI carries a large selection of fine business gifts and promotional items that can be debossed or embossed with a logo. With debossing the image is depressed into a material such as paper, leather or suede, so the image sits below the product surface. Ink may or may not accompany the stamp. When ink is used in conjunction with debossing, this process is referred to as 'Color Stamping'. Embossing is the method by which an image is stamped onto a substrate, such as paper, leather or suede, so the image rises above the surface of the object. As with debossing, ink may or may not accompany the stamp. Debossing and embossing are most commonly used on items like Padfolios, Passport Holders, Luggage Tags and other fine leather business gifts... Click here for additional information on Debossing & Embossing.


EPI carries a wide variety of items that can be embellished with various methods of custom engraving. Engraving is a long-lasting application wherein a customer's logo, image or other design element is incised into the substrate. The types of items we offer that can be engraved may include Custom Awards (Acrylic, Crystal, Ceramic etc.), Bag Tags, Pens, Drink-ware and other items. We also offer Engraving on some of our apparel items, however only certain apparel is suitable for proper engraving, so we encourage you to contact us for additional information on our custom engraved promotional apparel. Engraving makes for a nearly ever-lasting impression, and the experts at EPI are extremely well-versed in the different types of methods and substrates that work best with each method. Engraving comes in many forms such as Laser Engraving, Hand Engraving, Sand Engraving and other types of Machine-Engraving. For additional information on engraving, please click here or contact us..

EPI is a full line Promotional Production Distribution Company who carries a wide selection of Promotional Products which can be embellished through Pad-Printing. Pad-Printing is a relatively economical means of printing on substrates that are not necessarily flat or smooth, or otherwise ideal for other types of full-color printing. An example of a product we sell regularly is custom logo golf balls. A Golf Ball, with its cylindrical shape and dimpled texture, is a great Promotional Product that is given away at nearly every Charity or Corporate Golf Tournament, however without the availability of Pad-Printing it would be next to impossible to print on a Golf Ball with any level of precision. Pad-Printing on Golf Balls is typically offered with up to 5 solid colors, while certain other items that utilize Pad-Printing may be priced differently depending on the number of imprint colors. The professionals at EPI have nearly twenty-five years of combined Promotional Product experience and are extremely knowledgeable on the ins and outs of Pad-Printing. Please feel free to call us to discuss your next Logo Golf Ball project or any other need for Pad-Printed Promotional Items. For additional information on pad-printing, please click here or call us toll free at 877.513.1037 to speak with one of our branding experts.

EPI works with all different kinds of artwork to produce some of the most exceptional designs for their promotional product needs. Our clients submit artwork to us in many forms, including sometimes as a scan of a business card, a fax of a sketched drawing, and even at times simply by verbally describing to us what they would like in terms of design and allowing our Professional Design Team to get creative. Ideally, we prefer to have artwork submitted in 'Vector Format'. Customers are sometimes curious to know what exactly this means. Vector Format can be any number of file types, however the most common Vector file types are .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps (Encapsulated Post-Script), .PDF (Portable Document Format), .PNG and last but not least .svg (Scaleable Vector Graphic). Vector art is essentially the native design file that a designer works in to develop a logo or illustration. Vector art, with the exception of .PDF file formats, will usually only open in professional design software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. For this reason, it is not uncommon that clients have their logos saved in a different format like 'JPEG' or '.GIF'. Vector art is required for many of our embellishment processes, most notably Silk-Screening, Pad-Printing and different methods of Engraving. Vector art can be easily manipulated in design software and each of the elements of the design is editable. It should be noted that ELITE PROMO INC proudly offers free artwork and design preparation services to help our clients with basic design services and to convert their artwork from a non-vector format into clean, editable vector art. We offer this in an effort to help ensure that each of our clients' projects meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality. Finally, it should also be noted that while the above file-types typically indicate that a client has clean, production ready artwork, simply saving a non-vector file as a vector file-type does not necessarily change the actual functionality of the artwork itself. In essence Vector artwork is always of a certain file type, however these file-types are not always or necessarily Vector art.

Another common type of artwork we work with commonly is 'Bitmap' artwork. Bitmap artwork includes but is not limited to file types .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP, .PSD and many others. Where Vector artwork is most commonly used to produce high-quality print documents and Promotional Products, Bitmap artwork is commonly used for web applications like website templates, web-quality logo files, email signatures and other needs. Oftentimes Bitmap artwork is in a lower resolution format, and is therefore not recommended for most of our applications. There are exceptions to this however. One exception would be with Banner or Brochure-Printing (which we offer!). In certain instances for this type of printing process a high-resolution Bitmap file may work well enough. Rarely however is Bitmap artwork suitable for processes like Pad-Printing, Silk-Screening, Engraving or any of our other specialty logo applications.

For additional information on artwork guidelines, our processes, products or services please contact us.